Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lick 14, 2008

  • Does the meaning of meaning have meaning?
  • Does a cigarette package make a good bomb container?
  • Does a plastic pop bottle make a good bomb container?
  • Have you ever drempt you were deep inside someone's anal passage?
  • Can't we bomb other countries into peaceful democracies?
  • Does the BBC hate America?
  • How fast can a beat beat before a beat is not a beat?
  • Are there any computers maintain and power themselves?
  • Have you experienced bumpkin bestiality (country or otherwise)?
  • Does a penis expand a vagina more than a vagina expands a penis?
  • Is the grand plan for Facebook to create a face recognition database for the FBI ordered by a still not impeached President?
  • Is there some reason dogs can't be trained not to pee on every gawdy nam tree and corner?

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