Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Years Questions

Does snot make a good anal lubricant?
Is there any holiday that the entire world has off/celebrates?
Are blo jawbs supposed to hurt?
Should I be concerned about the saliva digesting it smaller during blo jawbs?
Did you explore new holes on New Years?
Is your inner anal lesbian ready to come out?
Do your New Years resolutions include exploring new holes?
Did you have sex with new partners on New Years?

Since this is my first post, the main point of this is to record original questions I post on other sites so as to assure the copyright is properly recognized. If a question interests you and you'd like to answer, I presently post them (and sometimes reply to comments) at these 2 sites:

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Dick Cheney's Shill at Halliburton said...

Did you have sex in new positions on New Years?
Did you actually to anything new on New Years?