Friday, January 18, 2008

LiCK 17, 2008

  • Do lesbians grow a penis?
  • Do gay men grow a vagina?
  • Shouldn't the legal age for having a baby be the same as voting?
  • Do toe suckers get athletes mouth?
  • Are $100 bills longer than $1 bills?
  • Does Irreversible have the best film rape scene ever?
  • Does Leaving Las Vegas have the best film rape scene ever?
  • Is Uncle Tom's Cabin a pro-macaca book?
  • Is Uncle Tom's Cabin actually a book?
  • Is juice without pulp a better lubricant than juice with pulp?
  • Is philosophy at its best when it provides something real instead of imaginary?
  • Is Kimya Dawson the next Ani Difranco?
  • Do we really need nose hair?
  • Can the imaginary be imaginary without something real to imagine it?
  • Is it the nature of the sucker not to realize they are the sucker?

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